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Online Tax Return 2018 for Individuals

The income tax return for the tax year 2018 is required to be submitted by the taxpayer, if his total taxable income reached in 2017 exceeds the amount of 1,901.67 €.

The deadline for submitting the tax return for the year 2018 is 31 March 2019.

Did you work this year and need to file a tax return? We offer you:Daňové priznanie online 

  • Elaboration of a tax return by real accountants, making sure you have a flawless tax return as well as advice on optimizing the tax base.
  • Elaboration of a tax return for individuals type A and B
  • Quick, simple and convenient tax return processing
  • Online tax return processing by filling out a simple form
  • We can send your tax return electronically, without you having any form of e-communication More info Daňového priznania online 
  • The opportunity to donate 2% or 3% respectively to the nonprofit organization
  • Compared with tax returns programs, you have the advantage of checking the accuracy of your filled out data, and your tax return is on current forms.
  • You can simply print the tax return and send it to the tax office (personally or by post office)

We are not a tax calculator and the tax return is elaborated by real accountants. Given the large number of customers, we only elaborate tax returns with correctly filled in data. You can find a tax calculator here More info Daňového priznania online

Cennik pre danove priznanie online

Spracovanie daňového priznania online z Anglicka, Nemecka, Írska, Česka, Holandska, Rakúska

  • From 9.90 € for a Type A tax return
  • A tax return type B for 19.90 €, you just have to complete the online form
  • Getting tax returns within 24 hours – it will be sent after the payment has been acknowledged
  • Did you work abroad and you need to file tax returns also in Slovakia – click here for more information or directly fill out our form. The cost of elaboration of a tax return for work abroad is 24.90 € for each foreign country.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us or fill out our form

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