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The taxpayer is entitled to the tax bonus if he has earned in the taxable period 2017 taxable income from a dependent activity of at least 2,610 €, or income from business and other separate earning activity of at least 2,430 € and has reported the tax base (the sub-base of the business income tax and other separate earning activity), he can claim a yearly tax bonus of 256.92 € (12 x 21.41) for dependent child, respectively in the amount of the number of months in which the child was considered to be dependent (unpaid).

The conditions for bonus application:

  • is a child nursed in his/her own household – his/her own, adopted, spouse’s, in substitute care that (according to the child’s allowance law) is considered to be unpaid and can not be a child of a partner,
  • achievement of the prescribed amount of taxable income and
  • proof in the form of the relevant document, such as the child’s birth certificate, confirmation of the school attendance for the relevant school years, if the child is continuously preparing for the profession at high school or university/college.

Entitlement for a tax bonus

The tax bonus according to § 33 of the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 595/2003 Coll. (from now referred to as the “Act”) applies to every dependent child living in a household with a taxpayer, which is considered to be a dependent child under the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 600/2003 Coll. about the child allowance; the temporary stay of a child outside of the household does not affect the application of the tax bonus.

Every taxpayer who qualifies for a tax bonus is eligible, if he fulfills the following conditions:

  • taxpayer reaches the so-called active income for tax year 2017 of at least 2 610 € and that means:
    • income from the dependent activity (from employment) or from
    • business income and other self-employment activity; apart from the minimum amount of this revenue (2 610 €), the tax base on that income must also be reported.
  • nurses a child  in their household – own, adopted, child of the spouse or in the substitute care that is considered to be unpaid under the Act on Child Benefit,
  • taxpayer will be able to prove entitlement by the relevant documents (copy of the child’s birth certificate and confirmation of the school attendance, if he/she is preparing for profession by studies, …)

Note: Revenues from dependent activity and business income, income from other self-employment activity are not summed up for the fulfillment of the amount of income achieved.

Daňový bonus - Bratislava - Žilina - Košice - TrenčínThe tax bonus can be claimed by a taxpayer with an unlimited tax liability (a resident of the Slovak Republic), if he fulfills the requirements specified by the law, who had the taxable income from business, or other self-employment activity, no matter if the taxable income was gained from the sources on the territory of the Slovak Republic, or the sources abroad.

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