How to easily submit an electronic tax return
Elektronické podanie daňového priznania

In this section, we will show you how to simply send (submit) your filled out tax return to the financial administration by electronic communication.

  • After filling out the tax return, we have sent you in addition to PDF forms also an electronic version for tax returns, in form of the “XML” file
  • Thanks to it you can easily import, insert your completed tax return into the electronic form without having to write anything

You must be signed in before submitting your tax return electronically

Elektronicke podanie danoveho priznania
We assume that you have managed a successful sign-up, and you can now electronically submit tax returns. You must first log in to the Financial Administration page. There is a simple guide how to signing up for the financial administration portal. For more information, tips and guidance on electronic communications and submitting of the tax returns, see the manuals and tutorials section here.

Last step – Electronic submission of tax return

elektronicke podanie danoveho priznania

In the catalog section, we select the Catalog of Forms. Then a new window opens with a number of electronic forms. We are only interested in the Individual Income Tax. We will choose between form A or B, as appropriate. Entrepreneurs will use the B form as usual.

Elektronicky podať daňové priznanie

We’ll only pick out the correct year and click on the notepad image. Subsequently, a tax return document that we should fill out will be opened
Podanie danoveho priznania elektronicky
For us, the yellow colored buttons are the ones that are the most important. In the first step, click to load from the file. We will select an XML file that we have sent you for a tax return. In the second step, you will enter your attachments if necessary, such as a child’s birth certificate, or a certificate of taxable income from employment. We will review the form (it should be free of errors). In the last step, we will sign the form with KEP and submit the signed document – click on the signed by KEP. For a better understanding, watch the instructional video how to simply submit a tax return electronically.

Podanie daňového priznania elektronicky

Summary, video: how to submit tax return electronically


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