Compulsory electronic communication for entrepreneurs

Elektronická komunikácia s finančnou správou

Individuals, entrepreneurs are from 1.7. 2018 obliged to communicate with the financial administration only electronically. In practice, this means that, in addition to filing the tax return electronically, all other documents will also be delivered. The financial administration will send you all notifications only in electronic form. An excellent example is the postponement of a tax return. Last year, postponement was possible to be delivered by the postal service or personally at registry. Now you have to submit your postponement electronically on the official forms. More information here.

Are you afraid of electronic communication? Leave it to us, we’ll take care of everything

Elektronicka komunikacia

If you do not have an electronic communication set up, do not worry. You can authorize us and we will represent you in all actions related to electronic communications. All documents, postponements, and tax returns can be sent for you without going anywhere. Thanks to us, tax returns will become a piece of cake.

How much will it cost?

1. In the first step, it is necessary to create an authorization for the tax entity – we must register you with the tax office in order to send your documents for you. It is a one-time activity and we charge a fee of 9.9 €

2. After successful registration (authorization), we are able to send and receive documents as your representation. For sending the tax return, we charge a fee of 14.9 €. This also includes annual monitoring of your mail. Now you will not receive any documents by postal service and everything will be done electronically. If you receive a document in your electronic mailbox, we will send it to your email. This monitoring will cost you 1.25 €  per month and is included in the 14.9 € fee for submitting the tax return.
Elektronicka komunikacia

How does it work and what do I need

It’s quite simple. Simply write and sign a mandate for the electronic communication. The document is attached below. Mandate is solely valid only for electronic communication with financial administration. It is not possible to use the mandate for other legal acts, such as representation before tax authorities and others.

The power of attorney – click on the file and it will automatically start downloading

Explanation – Instructions how to properly fill the document for mandate

Fill in your personal information – these are an important part of listing your application for registration representation.

Please send your mandate and your personal data file by mail or directly link it directly to the online tax return form. We will then contact you.

If something is not clear or you need some additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone or by email.

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